Theme for the day?  Drama!

After a little mid-week drama, all is well from camp, well, except for Macy’s finger, which is probably either dislocated or fractured.  I’m glad to report that Delaney’s big toe is better today and moving back to normal position!  A little bit of homesickness added to some strange food had Holly start passing around tums.

Speaking of drama, you should be very proud of Elijah and Jessica.  Both were featured in tonight’s Variety Show.  Elijah was the star of a video created by his Track class and Jessica acted in a drama with her Track class.

On the serious side, can I just share how awesome it is to see nearly every one of our kids at the altar tonight?  Some went as a group; some went alone; but there were no dry eyes in the house tonight!

The word of the day was sacrifice.  We studied about Hannah and her defining moment.  What do you have that you need to give back to the Lord?

There’s only 2 pictures today.  I’ll post Holly’s pictures tomorrow.