Wednesday brought lots of sunshine and extra “hang time” today.  Most of the CBC youth could be found in the pool or in the gym.  Kevin and April both attempted to beat Neal in a game of pool, but to no avail.  And like a good husband, Neal credits all of his pool “wizardry” to watching Karen play.

Today’s bible study was on Daniel and his obedience.  Our camp pastor asked us “What do you need to say yes to in order to obey God more?  What do you need to say no to?”  Great questions for all of us, huh?

On the funny side, you’ll have to ask Delaney about her big toe and ask Holly about the “man in black” (no, not Johnny Cash!) 

One camper lost his key but I’m glad to report was found (which is a good thing because the replacement cost was $30!) and another has lost his bible (which is still lost, so please pray that it is found!)

One last thought – even though I’m posting a lot of recreation pics, did you know that campers are in bible study or worship for nearly 5 hours each day?  Plus they have devotions at each of the track / game times.