After waking up before the roosters, showering and getting all gussied up, we walked to breakfast – in the rain – which made for some bad hair days!

Today’s defining moment bible study character was Jonah and the theme was LOVE.  (Warning – never say the word “love” again around your house, or your youth will break out in a spontaneous version of the word of the day!  We even captured Neal doing the “love” move tonight during the group devotions!)

You might be thinking that Jonah is an odd love story – that’s OK – we did too.  But think about it.  Although he was a prophet, Jonah didn’t love a certain group of people – the Ninevites.  So he ran.  But God will always accomplish His will and He gives us multiple chances to be a part of it.  We talked today that all of us are like Jonah – we all have people that we aren’t fond of – and all of us have either acted like we are ignoring God and turned the other way.

And just like God sent a “great wind” (aka storm) to Jonah, He sent us rain too – several times in fact!   Amanda counted at least 5 times today she had been soaked.  But all turned out well!

Today’s defining moments:

He probably won’t tell you, but ask Alex about his most embarrassing camp story!

2 youth have already asked if we can do this again next year (a good sign on day 2!)

OK, you know I have to throw a serious one in.  Tonight before worship, I had the privilege of praying over our 2 rows, asking God to flood each of youth with the overwhelming feeling of His love.  His presence was so strong!  But He also gave me this insight:  Just like Jonah chose to not do the right thing the first time around, we can’t make our youth make all the right decisions the first time around either.  Unfortunately, all of us learn those lessons along the way.  But hopefully, we won’t have to get swallowed up by a great fish in order for God to get our attentions.

Tonight’s camp mixer was a county fair.  Alex’s straw hat and rolled up jeans were perfect for the event.  Several others dressed up as well.

Tomorrow we learn about obedience.  Yes, parents, we’ll make sure your child stays awake for these lessons!

Here are some other random pictures of the day.  Roll your mouse over the pictures for commentaries: